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Setup Instructions



Isolate the first 4 letters of each word of your seed phrase and write them down on the provided conversion sheet. You only need the first 4 letters of each word to restore your BIP39seed phrase.
Using the provided sheets is optional.


Using a marker, mark the 4 first letters of each word in your seed-phrase directly on the metal plate. Place a dot on the squares corresponding to each 4 letter sequence.
For 3 letter words, leave the last square empty


Review carefully the spelling and order of each 4 letter sequence.
Do not skip this step! Really...don't...


Place the provided center punch carefully on each marking, and press it down firmly until you hear a loud bang.
This will leave a permanent indentation on each square corresponding to the letters of your seed-phrase. It is advised to punch each spot twice to make the indent more visible.


Store your CVER STEEL securely, away from prying eyes. Do not forget to securely discard any copies that you may have of yourseed phrase.