The Most Reliable Seed Phrase Metal Backup

Extremely Durable

Made with 3mm stainless steel for maximum bend resistance

Fire Resistant

Can withstand fires up to 1400C/2500 F°, more than any average house fire.

Corrosion Resistant

Made with 304-grade stainless steel to resist corrosion and water damage

Easy to setup

Mark your plate, punch it, and store it in a safe place. No need for additional tools; all is included in the box

100% Offline

Your seed phrase is never exposed online to potential hackers

BIP39 Compatible

Compatible with BIP39 seed phrases of up to 24 words


Secure your seed phrase in minutes


Isolate the first 4 letters of each word of your seed phrase - You only need the first 4 letters of each word to restore your BIP39 seed phrase.


Using a marker, mark the 4 first letters of each word of your seed-phrase on the metal plate. Place a dot on the squares corresponding to each 4 letter sequence.


Place the provided center punch carefully on each marking, and press it down firmly until you hear a loud bang. This will leave a permanent indentation on each square corresponding to the letters of your seed-phrase.


Safely store your seed phrase in the provided tamper proof bag, away from prying eyes


What our customers are saying


When setting up your crypto wallet, a string of 12 to 24 words will be automatically generated, and you'll be required to save it securey to regain access to your wallet.

Seed phrases are also commonly referred to as "seed recovery phrase" or a "backup seed phrase".
This type of recovery mechanism was introduced with the BIP39 standard in 2013.

The only thing that will keep your bitcoin and crypto safe if your wallet crashes unexpectedly is your seed phrase. If your wallet ever gets stolen or lost, you seed phrase will let you easily recover your coins.

Jotting down or printing your seed phrase on a piece of paper is pretty convenient however it puts you at risk of having destroyed with water damage or fires.
Electornics on the other hand expose you to the risk of being hacked and generally have a short lifespan.

CVER STEEL is made of high grade stainless steel, and can endure flooding, physical abuse, and house fires. The plate is chemically engraved, ensuring lifetime readability.

CVER STEEL is the seed phrase backup solution built to last.

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